Greater Carlisle Area

Cumberland County

Exit 44 | PA 465 / Allen Rd
Exit 45 | College St
Exit 47 | PA 34 / Hanover St
Exit 48 | PA 74 / York Rd
Exit 49 | PA 641 / High St
Exit 52A | US 11 North / New Kingstown
Exit 52B | US 11 South To I-76 Penna Turnpike / Middlesex

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Proposed Needs

Highway Safety

Short ramps and acceleration lanes, inadequate merging sight distance, capacity issues, closely spaced interchanges causing speed differentials, inadequate interchange configuration at Exit 48 / Exit 49, and no direct access between I-81 and the Pennsylvania Turnpike result in highway safety concerns.


The existing mainline I-81 routinely experiences relatively high speeds in excess of the posted speed limit and travel delay at several sections of roadway which contribute to operational and safety issues.

Land Use and Access

Industrial, commercial, and residential development will continue in proximity to Exits 44, 45, 47, 48, and 49.  With expected growth throughout the area in the future, traffic volumes will increase at the existing interchanges.

Highway Infrastructure

Portions of the existing pavement and all structures on the existing I-81 corridor were constructed in the 1960s and are approaching the end of their serviceable life span. Gaps in ITS devices (CCTV and DMS) were identified in five locations.

Did We Get It Right?

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